2020 Weight Loss Planner: You Are Stronger Than You Think: 52 Week Food and Exercise Journal For Women Who Want To Lose Weight (Paperback)

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52 Week Weight Loss PlannerSkip the New Years Resolutions and get committed to weight loss in 2020 by starting off on the right foot. Recording your day to day food intake, exercises and habits is a great way to ensure success with your weight loss journey over the next year.Inside you will find: Measurement & Weight Loss Tracker3, 6, 9 & 12 Month GoalsWorkout Calendar (2 page spread)Exercise LogSleepMoodHabit TrackerWaterSleepMeal PlannerWeekly gratitude & reflectionsTake out some of the guesswork of losing weight by grabbing yourself a copy today. Makes a great gift for a person starting their weight loss journey or grab two for the buddy system.