Alan James Ginsana Energy 105 VegCaps

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All-Natural Energizer. New & Improved Formula. Designed to Help Maintain Normal Energy Levels. Guaranteed Potency. What is Ginsana?Ginsana is a natural supplement that is designed to work with your body and help provide nutritive support for healthy energy levels and endurance. Ginsana works naturally and gradually without sugar, caffeine or jarring artificial stimulants. What makes Ginsana special? Ginsana uses next-generation G2G (Ginseng Second Generation) extract standardized to 4% Ginsenosides to provide a consistent level of energizing ingredients in every easy-to-swallow vegetarian capsule. This is the level of standardization used in numerous published clinical studies. Why take Ginsana? Ginsana is designed to give you the natural energy support your body needs to keep up with life’s demands and accomplish more every day.

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