Alani Nu Fit Snacks Protein Bar – Peanut Butter Cup – 12 Bars

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alani Nu Fit Snacks Protein Bar – Peanut Butter Cup: A Yummy, High-Protein Snack! Snack A Little Healthier Before, During, Or After Your Next Workout With Alani Nu Fit Snacks Protein Bars! Created In Collaboration With Fitness, Lifestyle And Motherhood Influencer, Felicia Keathley, Their New Peanut Butter Cup Flavor Is Downright Delectable. Each Bite Has A Crispy, Peanut-Buttery Center Coated In A Milk Chocolate Dip. With 16G Of Protein And Only 5G Of Sugar In Every Bar, You Can Treat Your Body-without Cheating Your Tastebuds! The Protein Bar That Fits All Your Needs. Forget Chalky Taste Or Hard-To-Chew Texture. Alani Nu Fit Snacks Protein Bars Combine High-Quality Ingredients To Deliver A Candylike, On-The-Go Protein Treat With Delicious Flavors You Can Enjoy Anywhere. Support Your Fitness And Weight Management Goals. Protein Helps Refuel And Rebuild Your Muscles After Exercise And Can Help You Feel Fuller, Longer. Plus, Each Bar Also Contains 5G Of Fiber To Help Increase Your Feeling Of Fullness And Aid In Eliminating Toxins From The Body. If You’re Putting In Work At The Gymor Working On Weight Managementprotein And Fiber Are A Powerful Combination. 16G Protein And 5G Fiber Per Serving 190 Calories And 5G Sugar Per Serving Candylike Layers Of Flavor And Texture Contains 12 Peanut Butter Cup Fit Snacks Protein Bars | Alani Nu Fit Snacks Protein Bar – Peanut Butter Cup – 12 Bars

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