Ancient Nutrition Bone Broth Protein Turmeric 16.2 oz

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Mobilizing. Superfood Protein Powder. Made From Real Bone Broth. 20g Protein Per Serving. Paleo Friendly. Whole Food Dietary Supplement. 20g Protein Per Serving / Gut Friendly. Paleo-Friendly / No Carbs / No Sugars. Introducing an all natural, easily digestible protein powder complete with 20g of body-building, gut-friendly protein per serving – boosted with the power of Turmeric–that is artisanally produced with no added salt, sugars, colors, preservatives or artificial ingredients. Bone Broth Protein Turmeric is paleo friendly, free of common allergens and the ideal protein source for those who are sensitive to dairy, grains, eggs, beef, nuts, and legumes. Carefully-crafted quality you can trust and tested to be GMO free. Get the health benefits of today’s hottest super food, bone broth – in a nourishing protein powder that is SMOOTH to blend, convenient to use and EASY to digest. > Supports Digestive Health. > Promotes Joint Comfort and Bone Health. > Supports Healthy Immune System Function. > Promotes Healthy Detoxification. > Supports Healthy Skin, Hair and Nails. Non GMO / Natural / No Artificial Ingredients / Gluten Free. Gluten Free / Dairy Free / Soy Free / Grain Free. Nut Free / Gut-Friendly / Paleo-Friendly

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