Atkins Meal Bar Blueberry Greek Yogurt 5 Bars

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High Protein 14g. 4g Net Carbs. 3g Sugar. 9g Fiber. Naturally Flavored. Atkins Meal Bars are made with nutritious & delicious ingredients without refined sugars, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. Each bar is packed with protein and fiber to satisfy you hunger. And since it is from Atkins, you know it will support your low carb lifestyle with only 3 grams of sugar and 4 net carbs. Enjoy the new Blueberry Greek Yogurt Bar recipe-it’s the perfect blend of sweet blueberries and the rich taste of Greek yogurt. Enjoy every bite, any time. Atkins has all your weight loss needs covered with products for every occasion. Meal – Light meal packed with protein and calories to keep you satisfied. Snack – The perfect amount of protein and calories for a between meal snack. Treat – Indulgent dessert without all the sugar for a perfect after meal treat.

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