Bach Rescue Sleep Liquid Melts Natural Sleep Aid 28 Capsules

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Trusted for Over 80 Years. Alcohol Free. Gentle and Easy-To-Use. Homeopathic, Non-Narcotic, and Non-Habit Forming Formula. Provides Natural Relief of Occasional Sleeplessness Caused by Stress & Repetitive Thoughts. We all want to gently drift into a restful sleep and wake up refreshed each morning. But when your mind cant stop reviewing tomorrows to-do list, reach for Rescue Sleep Liquid Melts and put those repetitive thoughts to bed. Turn off your racing mind each evening, with Rescue Sleep Liquid Melts to help to calm busy, repetitive thoughts so you fall asleep naturally and wake refreshed. These alcohol free melts are gentle and easy to use. Trusted for over 80 years, each Original Flower Remedy is sourced directly from the original gardens and is specially chosen for their positive potentials. Place a Rescue Sleep Liquid Melts on your tongue and let it dissolve when your racing mind is keeping you from a good nights rest.

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