Bariatric Cookbook: The Complete Cookbook with Specific Recipes and Meal Plan to Get Results and Maintain Your Weight Loss After Bariatric or Gastric Sleeve (Hardcover)

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55% OFF for bookstores! NOW at $39.95 instead of $49.95Rapidly Recover From Gastric Surgeries With Healthy, Bariatric-Friendly and Discover How to Enjoy Delicious Meals Again!Have you decided to undergo a weight-loss surgery such as bariatric or gastric sleeve surgery, but have no idea how to prepare? Have you recently had gastric surgery and are on the path to recovery, but tired of the boring, tasteless culinary options available to you and would like more palatable meals?If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then keep reading…Your Customers Will Never Stop to Use This Awesome CookbookIn this cookbook, you’re going to discover how to prepare surgery-safe recipes that are designed for people like you who have gone through any kind of weight-loss surgery. It is a treasure trove of well-rounded and delectable recipes to help you recover quickly and find pleasure in eating well-made meals again.In the pages of the Bariatric Cookbook, you’re going to discover: Weight-loss surgery guide: All the available options for weight loss surgery is explained in-depth in plain English with pros and cons, helping you choose the right process for your needs and budget Proven pre- and post-surgery tips: You’ll find lots of time-tested advice that will help you prepare for bariatric or gastric surgery and accelerate recovery after surgery Loads of bariatric-friendly diets: This cookbook has tons of mouthwatering recipes that are designed to aid recovery while helping you lose weight at the same time Easy-to-follow instructions: All the recipes in this special cookbook has step-by-step cooking instructions that are easy to follow, as well as serving size suggestion, nutritional information, etc …and more!More than just another cookbook, this guide contains proven tips to help you prepare for weight loss surgeries and actionable advice to help you recover quickly using proven lifestyle tips and dietary advice that will allow you to enjoy your favorite meals without undoing the results of your surgery.Buy it NOW and let your customers get addicted to this amazing book