Beverly International Provosyn Protein Complex Vanilla 21.7 oz

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Ultra-Premium Whole Egg & Milk + Beef Protein. Technology for Muscle Size & Development. Protein Shake Mix. New Provosyn is an ultra-premium protein technology based on a time-tested, results-proven protein combining strategy. Distinguishing features:. Provosyn Lean Muscle Size Protein System consisting of a 2:1 ratio of whole egg to milk protein, plus beef. This combination is based on “secret” recipes used by famed nutritionists of the 1950s and 60s to help clients build lean muscle without gaining fat. Easily digested 100% whole egg, Grade A milk protein isolate and 100% natural beef, yielding an overall intermediate absorption speed that supports maximum muscle size and development. More than 9,000 mg of EAAs including over 4,000 mg of BCAAs (leucine, isoleucine and valine) per serving. Use to make shakes, smoothies, brownies, puddings, cookies and muffins, or as a topping on hot and cold cereals. Ideal for:. 40-plus individuals seeking to lean down and harden up, reduce age-associated loss of muscle size and strength, or maximize muscular gains from workouts. High school, collegiate and professional athletes seeing to add muscular weight. Dieters and physique competitors of all kinds seeking to trim body fat without losing muscle. What other brand has been used by natural physique athletes since 1967? Decades of customer feedback have allowed Beverly International to fine-tune its formulas to perfection!

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