Binge Eating: Binge Eating : A Beginner Comprehensive guide to permanently ending overeating, maintain mindful eating and weight loss therapy (Series #1) (Paperback)

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Binge eating disorder represents the most common eating disorder on our planet today. Since its formal listing in the DSM V, research has continued to show just how destructive and potentially harmful it is to general health and well-being. Sufferers lose control over their emotions and turn towards food to fill a growing mental and emotional gap.This book, “BINGE-EATING; A Beginner Comprehensive Guide to Permanently Ending Overeating, Maintain Mindful Eating and Weight Loss Therapy” profiles and completely demystifies the disorder. Getting rid of Binge-Eating Disorder requires a thorough knowledge of the disorder, its triggers, potential dangers, symptoms, and the biology of the condition. All these features in this book alongside therapy options and useful, practical tips for dealing with emotional eating.In addition, this book;Defines binge-eating disorder in the simplest of termsClarifies between hunger, appetite, and cravingDifferentiates between physical and emotional hungerDiscusses the binge Cycle including the roles of emotionsExplains the underlying and precipitating factors of binge-eatingProfiles the signs of binge-eatingClearly defines the diagnosis of binge-eatingClarifies the link between poor mental health and binge-eatingExplains how binge-eating leads to weight gainProposes a weight-loss therapy for binge-eatingContains chapters on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavioral Therapies for professionalsAdvice for managing a Binge-Eating Disorder patientProvides practical tips for getting rid of the disorder permanently and, Avoiding a relapseYou should always retain control over what and how you eat. Food should never become a double-edged sword for you. Eating should definitely not be a source of shame or guilt either. Dull the edges of overeating and get rid of binge-eating now!!!