BPI Sports Cla + Carnitine – Conjugated Linoleic Acid – Weight Loss Formula – Metabolism, Performance, Lean Muscle – Caffeine Free – for Men & Women – Fruit Punch – 100 Servings – 1.5lbs Larger Size

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Burn Fat! Increase performance! What is CLA + Carnitine? Cla + Carnitine is BPI Sports newest weight loss supplement. Cla and L- carnitine are two popular ingredients that have been clinically shown to help with weight management. Cla + Carnitine work synergistically to help burn stored body fat, converting it to energy. Why is CLA + Carnitine better? The weight loss formula is a non-stimulant powder that can be taken throughout the day or paired with a powerful fat burner to enhance its effects and speed up fat burning. The benefits don?t end there CLA + Carnitine may also help boost athletic performance. BPI Sports? CLA + Carnitine is sugar free and can be added to any pre-workout to enhance benefits.