BPI Sports CLA plus Carnitine Rainbow Ice 50 Servings

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Weight Loss-Lean Muscle Energy-Performance. Non-Stim Weight Loss Formula. May Help To:. Reduce Body Fat. Promote Lean Muscle. Support Athletic Performance. 2.5 G CLA Matrix. 2 G Carnitine. . BPI Healths CLA + Carnitine is the Ultimate, Non-Stimulating Weight Loss Formula. With this powerful combination, of Clinically Studied ingredients, you can help turn your body into a fat burning machine. CLA and Carnitine have both been shown to help burn stored body fat for fuel. Carnitine can also help. Enhance Energy Production, Improve Athletic Performance and Fight Fatigue. For Extreme Results,you can pair CLA + Carnitine with your favorite BPI Fat Burner to give you that one-two punch, for knocking out your fat loss goals.

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