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Cellucor C4 Extreme – Sour Batch Bros: An Explosive Pre-Workout Featuring Patented & Proven Ingredients In 2011, The Original C4 Extreme Came To Define The Pre-Workout Category. Building On That Heritage And Legacy, The New C4 Extreme Has Been Reengineered And Reimagined From The Ground Up To Help Support Explosive Energy, Extreme Performance, And Mental Alertness. As Part Of Project Clear Evolution, C4 Extreme Is Founded On Three Core Principles. Clean: No Artificial Dyes And No Artificial Flavors, Clear: Fully Transparent Labels And No Proprietary Blends, And Evolved: Innovative Ingredients And Enhanced Formulas. Contains 200 Mg Of Caffeine Anhydrous To Support Energy, Mental Alertness And Performance Of Cognitive Tasks And Reaction Times. Features Nitramax (N03-C), A Unique, Patented Form Of Citrulline. Features Carnosyn Beta-Alanine , An Amino Acid Which Provides Muscle Ph Buffering Properties. Supplies Creatine Nitrate (No3-T) , A Novel, University Studied Form Of Creatine. Includes N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine For Additional For Your Athletic Lifestyle. Provides Huperzine A, A Nootropic-Like Ingredient That Provides Dietary Support For Normal, Healthy Mental Function.

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