C4 Ultimate Shred – Icy Blue Razz

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Every Serving Of C4 Ultimate Shred – Icy Blue Razz Contains The Ultimate Cutting Formula And Shred Matrix. This Blend Is Powered By Clinically-Studied Ingredients Which Have Been Specifically Selected For Their Ability To Support Fat Burning And Metabolism – Enhancing The Results Of Your Fat-Shredding Workouts. In Addition To The Thermogenic Properties Of Capsimax Cayenne, Oligonol Lychee Fruit And Green Tea Extracts – Every Serving Of C4 Ultimate Shred Supports The Mobilization Of Fats For Energy Production. Combining These Ingredients With Clinically Studied Dyglofit, And The Nutrient Enhancer Bioperine Black Pepper Extract, C4 Ultimate Shred Provides The Formula That You Need To Shred Fat And Reveal Your Ultimate Physique. Benefits: The Most Explosive Pre-Workout And Cutting Formula Energy – Caffeine, Teacrine, And Rauwolfia Extract Pumps – Citrulline Malate Nitrosigine Endurance – Carnosyn, Beta-Alanine Focus – Huperzine-A Zembrin Caffeine C4 Ultimate Shred Pre-Workout is icy Blue Razz Flavored .

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