Cell Tech Research Baked Creatine + Carb Musclebuilder – Tropical Citrus Punch

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Muscletech Cell Tech Research Baked Creatine Carb Musclebuilder – Tropical Citrus Punch The Ultimate Lean Muscle-Activating Creatine Formula Cell-Tech Is The Best For A Reason. Specifically Formulated For Those Looking To Pack On Lean Muscle, Cell-Tech Is A Scientifically Engineered, Third-Generation Creatine Formula Featuring A Clinically Validated Blend Of Creatine Monohydrate And Carbohydrates. For More Than Two Decades, Cell-Tech Has Helped Athletes Who Have Trouble Putting On Size Make Unprecedented Gains. It’s Grown To Become A Legendary Staple In The Supplement Regimen Of Serious Competitors – And Proof That Muscletech Continues To Push The Limits Of Science And Research Every Day. Increased Strength, Muscle Size & Fullness Cell-Tech Delivers A Researched Combination Of Creatine Monohydrate And Carbs That Triggers An Insulin Spike Post-Workout, Transporting Creatine Straight Into Muscle While Rapidly Replenishing Glycogen Stores. With Increased Strength And Power, You Will Reach A New Level Of Performance. The Results Speak For Themselves – Cell-Tech Is Scientifically Shown To Increase Strength On The Bench Press, Leg Press, And Bicep Curl.^ Fast Muscle Growth & Enhanced Nutrient Transport Every Scoop Delivers 5G Of Hplc-Certified Creatine Monohyrdrate, Which Helps Reduce Recovery Time Between Sets, Amplify Strength And Build More Lean Muscle! Every Serving Includes Alpha Lipoic Acid (Ala), A Powerful Compound Which Reseach Suggests Improves The Absorption Of Creatine And Glucose – Rapid Uptake For Rapid Results! 27 Servings Per Container Tropical Citrus Punch Flavor

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