Cellulite Removal Machine, Ultrasonic Weight Loss EMS Infrared Tummy Machine Fat Removal Skin Tightening Device

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Description:PRODUCT NAME:6-IN-1 SLIMMING & BEAUTIFYING MACHINEINPUT POWER:AC100-240VOUTPUT POWER:15V,500MAFREQUENCY:1MHZPACKING BOX SIZE:220MM*160MM*95MMFeatures:6 in 1 Fat Burning Machine includes , Infrared, Colorlight, Vibra, Ions. Which works well on the face, arms, legs, and postpartum recovery. It helps you to shape charming body, also can be used for facial massager to care skin.Burn fat machine imitates 5 Modes: sliming, scraping, knead, massage, tapping. NOTE: must be used with gloves or pads, otherwise it will have no effect.There are 6 colors of far infrared, used for anti-aging, and wrinkle remover, tighten the skin and skin-beautifying. Make skin look smoother & fuller and healthy like before.Anions can absorb positively charged dirt such as grease, harmful dust contaminated in the air and cosmetic residues, soas to achieve whitening, repair skin, remove black eye circles,eliminate ac ne and other effects.High frequency vibration can accelerate metabolism, burn fat and effectively reduce weight. Before using the weight loss massager, clean your skin, moisture your skin with weight loss gel or serum, keep on healthy diet and moderate exercise will get a better result. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please feel free to contact us, we will try our best to make you satisfied.