Charge Energy

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Neubria Charge: For Energy & Mental Alertness Looking To Boost Your Energy Levels? Neubria Has Brought Together Some Of The Brightest Minds In Neuroscience, Nutrition And Human Performance To Create The Ultimate Supplement For Energy And Mental Alertness, Neubria Charge. Using Scientifically Researched Ingredients, Charge Is The Ultimate Go-To Product Whenever You Need To Fuel Your Energy, Whether That Before A Workout, An Important Meeting Or An Intense Gaming Session. Loaded With Energy-Supporting Ingredients, Charge Certainly Packs A Punch. Charge Contains 150Mg Caffeine Combined With Theanine And Galangal Extract To Support Energy Levels, Which Is Further Boosted By A Botanical Complex Containing 3 Types of Ginseng. The Additional Inclusion Of B Vitamins Help To Keep You Firing On All Cylinders Throughout The Day. Contains Chromium Picolinate & Kelp With Galangal And Maca Extracts Includes Vitamins B3, B6, B12 And Bolate With Taurine, N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine And L-Phenylalanine To Reduce Tiredness. Supplies Caffeine And Theanine, With Extracts Of Korean, American And Siberian Ginsengs To Deliver Maximum Alertness.

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