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Beyond Raw Chemistry Labs Myotor Betaine: Dominate Your Limitations. Add The Ultimate Combo Of Science-Backed Support For Power, Strength And Stamina To Almost Any Pre-Workout, Protein Powder Or Post-Workout Supplement ^•. Beyond Raw Chemistry Labs Myotor Betaine Can Deliver A Versatile Boost To The Most Challenging Training Programs. Enhance Power And Athletic Performance Crush Challenging Lifts With A Clinically Studied Dose Of Betaine Anhydrous To Enhance Strength, Power And Athletic Performance . Get Stronger, Faster • Myotor Is Clinically Proven To Accelerate Results From The Gym In As Early As 2 Weeks •. Improve Bench Press Results And More • Myotor Is Clinically Proven To Improve Bench Press Results By 23 Lb. And Leg Extension By 17 Lb. •. Contains 30 Servings 325Mg Myotor Per Serving Features 2.5G Betapower Betaine Anhydrous Per Serving ˆwhen Used In Conjunction With An Exercise Program. •an 8-Week Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Study Of 118 Healthy Men Participating In A Supervised Resistance Training Program Showed That Those Taking Myotor Had Significant Increases In Mean Upper Body Strength (42.5 Lbs Vs. 19.4 Lbs), Mean Lower Body Strength (37.1 Lbs Vs. 19.2 Lbs) And Muscle Endurance After 8 Weeks Vs. Those Who Took A Placebo With The Same Exercise. Improvements In Strength Were Seen In As Early As 2 Weeks. Men On Myotor Had Greater Improvements In Muscle Strength And Upper Body Endurance Vs. Those Who Took A Placebo But Exercised Twice As Much.

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