CodeAge All Seasons Immune Support Supplement Echinacea Zinc Vitamin C Vitamin D & Herbs 90 Capsules

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All Seasons Clearhead Vitamins. Vitamin C, D3, Zinc & Selenium All-In-One. Echinacea Supplement. American Ginseng, Oregano, Olive Leaf. Feverfew, Schisandra & Coptis Extracts. Probiotics. 1 Month Supply. Natural, Vegan & Non-GMO. Gluten, Dairy & Soy Free. Made in the USA. Codeage Clearhead features a selection of vitamin C, vitamin D3, zinc, selenium with a blend of echinacea, ginseng, feverfew, schisandra, garlic, olive leaf, oregano, and probiotics. Clearhead capsules can be used all year long and during sneezes or sniffles. Can also be used when feeling stuffed up, under the weather or when you simply feel the need to clear your head. Echinacea Angustifolia. Commonly called coneflowersAmerican Ginseng+ Garlic, olive leaf & oregano leaf powderVitamin C+ Vitamin D3 & zincSchisandraAlso known as magnolia berry or five-flavor-fruitFeverfewA flowering plant in the daisy family. We designed Clearhead for when we feel under the weather. For all those moments when adding specific vitamins and nutrients may give us a much-welcomed boost and make us feel like a rider on the storm. When standing clear could appreciate a helping hand.

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