Complete Guide to Intermittent Fasting : The Eating Pattern Making Weight Loss Possible While Eating the Foods You Want for Women and Men, Highly Effective Fasting Tips to Stay Slim Permanently (Paperback)

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Discover how to eat the foods you want and continue to lose weight and burn fat. The days of following a strict weight loss diet is over and welcome to the world of intermittent fasting.The truth is many weight loss diet plans or regiments aren’t long term solutions. It’s no secret that weight loss is difficult but maintaining the pounds shed is what most people struggle with. I have no doubt many of you have heard of South Beach, Weight Watchers, Atkins, and other weight loss diets. What they all have in common is they make you stomach bland foods you have no desire to eat. Again, this is not a long-term solution and you are stuck day dreaming on you can rid yourself of these diets after you’ve accomplished your health goals.So, what’s the solution? Well, it’s an eating schedule that allows you to eat when it’s time to eat and not eat when the window is over. It’s that simple. Noticed I said “eating schedule” knowingly called intermittent fasting and not a diet plan. This allows you to finally eat the foods you want and continue to shed off the excess weight. Learn how with this book.The goal of the book is simple: teach you how to get started on an intermittent fast as a long-term weight loss solution.You will learn: Many different fasting regiments for different life styles. Simple strategies to maintain the fast and negate hunger. Techniques to avoid over eating during the eating window. Simple habits to follow to prevent you from falling off the band wagon. The benefits of fasting and why it’s the long-term solution you’ve been looking for. This book is tailored to be concise and direct so you can see results immediately. Inside you will find practical science-back information and how you can get started right now with intermittent fasting.