Cure Hydration Balancing Electrolyte Mix Main Squeeze Lemon 14 Packs

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Science-Backed Hydration. Organic Coconut Water. Pink Himalayan Salt. No Added Sugar. 14 Individual Packs. Hydration for the pursuit of everything. When we’re properly hydrated, we think better, perform better and just feel better. But dehydration can sneak up on us – even if we’re drinking enough water. That’s because water alone isn’t enough to replenish our cells with the electrolytes lost from exercise, travel, drinking alcohol, or sitting 8 hours at a desk. That’s where Cure comes in. Our science-backed hydration mix is based on the gold standard of rehydration. Known as ORS, it’s a perfectly balanced formula developed by the World Health Organization that can hydrate as effectively as an IV drip. One pack of Cure has 4x the electrolytes of leading sports drinks but no added sugar or other junk. Made with premium and organic ingredients, Cure gives you everything you need for optimal daily hydration and nothing more. Daily Electrolyte Mix made with organic ingredients Advanced formula based on the World Health Organizations ORS (Oral Rehydration Solution) Effectively replenishes electrolytes lost during exercise, illness, travel and alcohol consumption Hydrates up to 3x faster than water alone No added sugar or artificial sweeteners For adults and children over the age of 1. Daily HydrationYou already know that hydrating can make you feel good every day. But were here to tell you a secret. It could make you feel amazing. Thats why we made Cure. Its like charging up your waters battery. With 4x the electrolytes of leading sports drinks, Cure restores balance to your body so you can operate at 100%. Backed By ScienceBased on a brilliantly simple, wildly effective rehydration formula developed by the World Health Organization, Cure encourages thirsty cells to absorb water up to 3x faster than water alone because of a perfectly balanced ratio of sodium and glucose. Its even proven to hydrate as effectively as an IV drip. Plus, these single-serving packets make water tastier with a blend of organic, real-food ingredientsno added sugar allowed. Rooted In NatureWho wants artificial colors and added sugars in their electrolytes? Cure is the only hydration formula thats made entirely with nutrient-rich, organic ingredients and nothing artificial or synthetic. We use sustainably sourced organic coconut water for the naturally occurring sugars and potassium, pink Himalayan salt for the minerals and sodium, and plant-based ingredients like fruit juices for flavors, colors and sweetness. Rapid Hydration Organic Ingredients Vegan. No Added Sugar Non-GMO Gluten Free

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