CURE Hydration Daily Electrolyte Mix – Lemon – 14 Packets

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cure Hydration Daily Electrolyte Mix – Lemon: Hydration Sports Drink You Are Already Know That Hydrating Can Make You Feel Good Every Day. But We’re Here To Tell You A Secret. It Could Make You Feel Amazing. That Why We Made Cure. It Like Charging Up Your Water Battery. Based On A Brilliantly Simple, Wildly, Effective Electrolyte Formula Developed By The World Health Organization, Cure Encourages Thirsty Cells To Absorb Water Up To 3X Faster Than Water Alone. It Even Proven To Hydrate As Effectively As An I.v. Drip. Plus, These Single-Serving Packets Make Water Tastier With A Blend Of Plant-Based, Real-Food Ingredients-No Added Sugar Allows. With Coconut Water And Pink Himalayan Salt Naturally Flavored Non-Gmo Vegan Gluten-Free | CURE Hydration Daily Electrolyte Mix – Lemon – 14 Packets

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