Diabetes Workbook : 24-Month Diabetes Self Management Workbook (Contains Blood Sugar Log, Weight Loss Log, Nutrient Guide, Calorie Expenditure Table, Daily Calorie Needs List and Medications List (6×9 Inches – Portable) (Paperback)

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24-Month Complete Diabetes Self Management Workbook This diabetes journal features: Track blood glucose, meals, health, weight loss and exercise Two years of logs, organized neatly for easy record keeping and reference Detailed Blood Glucose Log Book to keep records throughout the day Daily Food Journal to keep track of what you eat Weekly Weight Loss Log Book with two years of records Nutrient Guide listing calories, fat, carbs and protein for most common foods Medications and Supplements List Calorie Expenditure Table and Daily Calorie Needs List Weight conversions, BMI and blood sugar targets 134 pages 6 x 9 inches (portable and easy to carry) Ten percent of book sales go towards enabling youth in developing countries to access better educational opportunities. This money is being donated to Build to Learn, an initiative started by The Mindful Word.