DNA Kit: Personalized Wellness

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Gnc4U Dna Kit: Personalized Wellness Kit Gnc4U Is A Personalized Approach To Wellness And Nutrition. With The Gnc4U/vitagene Dna Kit, You’ll Gain Insight On Your Genetic Makeup As Well As Access To Customized Recommendations Based On Your Body Needs, Goals And Lifestyle. 1. Simply Activate Your Kit, Follow The Step-By-Step Instructions On How To Swab Your Cheek And Send It In To Be Analyzed With The Provided Pre-Paid Label 2. Once Your Dna And Lifestyle Data Has Been Analyzed, Use Your Personal Gnc4U Dashboard To View Details About Your Scientifically Personalized Regimen Any Time Or Place Your Gnc4U Dashboard Includes Each Of The Following Reports: Diet Report – Shows How Your Eating Behaviors And Weight Management Goals Are Affected By Your Genetic Makeup And Personal Goals/preferences. Supplement Report – Delivers Your Likelihood For Certain Nutrient Levels And Provides Personalized Recommendations. Purchase Your 30-Day Supply Of Supplements Separately For The Holistic Gnc4U Experience. Fitness Report – Provides Insights To The Workouts Built Around Your Dna And Personal Preferences. Ancestry Report – Explains What Your Genes Reveal About Your Global Ancestry.

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