Drift Sleep

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Neubria Drift: Promotes Deep Sleep Struggling To Get A Good Night Sleep? We’ve Brought Together Some Of The Brightest Minds In Neuroscience, Nutrition And Human Performance To Create The Ultimate Sleep Supplement, Neubria Drift. Using A Blend Of Scientifically Researched Ingredients, Drift Works To Induce Deep Sleep, Promote Relaxation And Help You Wake Up Feeling ready-To-Go. This Potent Formulation Includes Melatonin, Gaba And Magnesium Alongside The Unique ‘bliss Botanical Complex’. Drift Contains The Natural Relaxation-Promoting Combination Of Passion Flower, Hops, Valerian, Chamomile, Melissa And Wild Jujube Extracts To Support Restfulness And Serenity. We’ve Also Included An Expert Sleep Guide In Each Pack With Further Tips To Help You Optimize Your Sleep Hygiene. Supplies 3Mg Melatonin To Support Restful Sleep After A Hectic Day Features Melatonin, Gaba And Magnesium To Promote Relaxation And Sustained Healthy Sleep Contains 400Mg Of Botanical Complex Including Extracts Of Wild Jujube Passion Flower, Hops Valerian, Chamomile And Lemon Balm To Support Restfulness And Serenity

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