Drink Mix – Blueberry Lemonade

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Koios Nootropic Powder – blueberry Lemonade Supplement: Energy & Brain Support Koios Powder Is A Densely Packed Nootropic Powder Infused With Mct Oil, Lion Mane Mushroom And Chaga Mushroom. koios Contains Almost 3,000Mg Of Active Ingredients And Comes In Two Delicious Flavors. whether You’re A Student, A Gamer, Or An Athlete, The 100Mg Of Caffeine Combined With Koios 12 Nootropic Ingredients Will Help You Stay Mentally Alert And On Your Game. Contains 100Mg Caffeine To Provide Energy Support And Help With Performance Of Cognitive Tasks And Focus. Provides Mct Oil, Which Is Quickly Absorbed By The Body And Used For Energy Provides Lion Mane Mushroom, Which Is An Adaptogen That May Help The Body Cope With Everyday Physical And Environmental Stress.

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