Eco Teas Organic Loose Leaf Tea Yerba Mate 1 lb

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Whole Plant. Unsmoked Leaf & Stem. Traditional Cut. Naturally Caffeinated Herbal Supplement. Fair Trade. Gluten Free. Kosher. Non-GMO Project Verified. Yerba mate is a holly tree native to the rainforests of South America. It’s leaves are brewed into a stimulating, antioxidant-rich beverage, Mate (say “mah-tay”). Our yerba mate is dried with warm air instead of smoke for a smooth, clean taste. A Sustained Energy Tea Supplement. Enhances physical energy. Stimulates mental clarity. Supports weight loss regimens that include a balanced diet and exercise. Elevates mood. Aids elimination. Antioxidant Powder. When brewed as directed, this tea supplement has an ORAC value of 11,000 umol/240ml which is 5.5 times stronger than a typical cup of green tea brewed with a tea bag.

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