Energy – Blue Raz

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Bucked Up energy – Blue Raz Sweet, Tangy, And Packed With Caffeine That Provide Energy, This Fictionally Flavored Energy Drink Is The Perfect Way To Stay At The Top Of Your Game. Bucked Up Energy Is Blended With 300Mg Of Caffeine – As Well As Game Changers The Other Guys Haven’t Even Heard Of. Ingredients Like: Dynamine & Teacrine, Nootropics Alpha Gpc & Huperzine-A, And Of Course, Beta-Alanine. Tell Your Body It Time To Work…or Party…or Whatever You Decide! Energy Boost – Dynamine 300Mg Of Caffeine Performance – Beta-Alanine Mental Game- Alphasize, Teacrine, Korean Red Ginseng & Huperzine A

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