Energy & Metabolism Multivitamin

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Gnc Mega Men Energy And Metabolism Multivitamin: Offers Protection Against Free Radicals & Improves Calorie Burning Gnc Mega Men Energy And Metabolism Is A Multivitamin That Delivers The Vitamins And Minerals Essential For Male Health And Well-Being. It Offers B-12 And B-6 Vitamins That Help Maximize Energy Levels. It Contains Eleutherococcus Senticosus And Camellia Sinensis . gnc Mega Men Energy And Metabolism Features Alpha-Lipoic Acid, An Antioxidant That Limits The Impact Of Harmful Free Radicals. It Also Delivers Several Antioxidant Compounds, Including Turmeric Root Extract And Lycopene. 50Mg Each Of Vitamin B-12 And B-6 Essential For Energy Metabolism 25Mg alpha-Lipoic Acid To Support Antioxidant Regeneration 500Mg Turmeric Root Extract And 1Mg Lycopene To Fight Against Free Radical Damage

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