Enfamil Enfragrow NeuroPro Toddler Nutritional Drink Natural Milk 32 fl oz

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A Fat-Protein Blend of MFGM & DHA. Immune Health Dual Prebiotics & Vitamins. MFGM|Omega-2 DHA Supports Brain Development. 24 Nutrients to Complement Diet. Ready To Use Do Not Add Water. Natural Milk Flavor with Other Natural Flavors. Formerly Toddler Next Step. 1 + Years. Enfagrow NeuroPro Toddler Nutritional Drink is a milk-based nutritional drink for growing toddlers ages 1 year & up. Our Enfagrow NeuroPro Toddler nutritional drink is designed to help support growth and has 24 important nutrients, such a s brain-nourishing DHA and iron. It has our dual prebiotic blend and vitamins to help support immune health, DHA to help support brain development, and 24 total nutrients to help complement a toddlers diet. As few as two servings of Enfagrow NeuroPro a day can help close the nutrient gap toddlers may still experience in their diet. Omega-3 DHA – the building blocks of toddler brain development. Features vitamins and minerals to help support immune health. Iron, vitamin D, zinc and 24 total nutrients to complement a toddler’s diet. Prebiotic blend that can help support digestive health. Non-GMO – made with ingredients that were not genetically engineered. Convenient, ready-to-use bottle – perfect for on-the-go

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