Essential Oils for Beginners: Essential Oils Guide Book for Beginners With Weight Loss Tips (Your Guide to Understanding and Using Essential Oils) (Paperback)

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By starting with this book, you can learn the uses of essential oils and how they can increase your weight loss efforts by enhancing the materials for your weight loss program that you are already using and making your weight easily melt off without having to stress too much. Making essential oils discussed… – What are essential oils- An easy way to make your own essential oil at home- How to make your own essential oil at home through distillation- How to use oil to extract essential oil- Essential oils: uses and benefits- List of essential oils and their uses- Much, much more! Natural aromatic substances are a source of natural, vital bioregulators of all body systems and stimulate natural defense mechanisms, which allow the body to cope with a disease on its own. Important advantages are that aromatic substances have a positive effect on the whole body, give a positive and stable result, are well tolerated and are not addictive.