FitJoy Grain Free Pretzel Sticks Himalayan Pink Salt 5 oz

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Made with Cassava Flour. Non GMO Project Verified. Certified Gluten-Free. Dairy Free. Plant Based. New Format! Introducing our grain-free pretzel sticks! We mean it. No wheat, no gluten, no corns starch, no hidden malt anything. Just your classic, crunchy twigs, only these are baked from cassava and chickpea flour and tossed in Himalayan pink salt. Whether you’re trying to eat less grain to avoid digestive issues and inflammation, or simply because you want to feel lighter, this is the perfect crunchy snack to have on hand! Why We’re Grain-Free. More Energy. People report feeling less sluggish, with better focus and no “brain fog.” Happier Stomachs. Grain is thought to trigger inflammation and digestive issues in many. Weight Loss. By quitting grain, it’s likely that you’ll lose weight and feel lighter.

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