Gaia Herbs RapidRelief Throat Shield Lozenges Sage and Aloe 20 Lozenges

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Supports Throat Health. Supports Healthy Immunity – Polysaccharides from Aloe. Perfect for Travel and Congested Environments. Fast-Acting Lozenges. RapidRelief. You can maintain optimum health, when you give your body the right support. Gaia Herbs’ RapidRelief products deliver results fast so your don’t interrupt your active life. Throat Shield Lozenges. A healthy throat is moist and consists of a mucous membrane layer, which acts as a protective barrier. Aloe, Sage, and Myrrh help maintain the normal protective lining in the throat by providing hydration and immune support. Polysaccharides naturally found in this proprietary blend have immune supportive characteristics that help the membranes of the throat support a normal inflammatory response. A partnership of mutual beliefs. Throat Shield Lozenges are produced in Tuscany Italy by Aboca, the herbal supplement leader in more than 25,000 European pharmacies and health food stores since 1978. Gaia Herbs’ partnership with Aboca is born from a mutual belief in sustainable product development, dedication to quality, and a deep respect for science and natural working in harmony.

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