Garden of Life MD Protein Plant & Sustainable Salmon Creamy Vanilla 22.71 oz

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20g Plant & Sustainable Salmon Protein. Bacillus subtilis DE111 Probiotics & Olive Leaf to Support Immune Health. Promotes Satiety & Energy with Coconut MCTs. Non-GMO Project Verified, Informed-Choice Certified, Friend of the Sea Certified, Carbon. Neutral Product. No Dairy, Soy or Peanut Ingredients, Very Low Gluten. Mediterranean Diet Approved! Dr. Perlmutter shares that the Mediterranean diet is an easy-to-follow lifestyle plan, bringing regular exercise and daily social connections together with one of the healthiest and most validated approaches to eating, to help you achieve Extraordinary Health. More Than Protein: This formula truly emulates the healthiest tenants of the Mediterranean diet. Clean, sustainable, salmon protein coming from pristine Norwegian fjords combined with longevity legumesfava bean and pea protein. The Mediterranean diet is rich in high quality seafoods along with various plant proteinsexactly how this formula was designed. Along with the most sustainable proteins on earth, we combined our clinically studied oat beta-glucans, olive leaf extract and probiotics to support heart and immune health. Finding the Most Sustainable Proteins on Earth: Our salmon protein is an amazing, clinically studied superfood that is part of a unique Circular Food System, allowing us to produce high quality protein from salmon already harvested in the pristine fjords of Norway for other uses. Not a single fish was caught for this product!

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