Gastric Band Hypnosis Extreme Weight Loss: Discover the Powerful Hypnotic Effect of Positive Affirmations. Control Sugar Cravings and Weight Gain with the Power of Meditation and Mindset Change. (Hard

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If you’re looking for a total body transformation, without resorting to unhealthy crash dieting, then keep reading. Diets don’t tend to deal with the permanent lifestyle changes required, such as a sustainable long-term change in our eating habits and food attitude. Many diet plans are challenging to maintain on an on-going basis, often because they are too restrictive or deprive us of our favorite foods.Do you want to change your eating habits with out efforts? Do you want to change your mindset and overcome your addiction to sugar? Do you have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30 or above? Would you like to loss weight fast and naturally?Then this book is for you! Here you can find tips, techniques, and exercise to help you change your lifestyle with healthy relationships with food thanks to the powerful lose weight Hypnosis and Self-Hypnosis techniques.Founded on the latest neuroscience and psychology, weight-loss hypnosis provides an incredible way to rewire your brain and drastically transform your attitudes around food. Whether you want to give up sugar, beat endless food cravings, or boost your self-esteem, hypnosis lets you change the fundamental nature of your thoughts, and will help you to feel full faster during meals, eat smaller portions, and develop healthier habits.If the subconscious mind assumes that the body is fitted with a gastric band, it will behave as though you are equipped with one. That means you’ll feel full faster, eat slowly, and consume smaller meals. This results in weight loss, which is very important. If sound good, the informations on this Book is your answer.You’ll uncover the fundamentals of the hypnotic gastric band, a revolutionary way of changing your diet without expensive surgery or complex eating plans.This Book you will learn about: The seven main rules to ri-program your mind to slim your bodyHow to lose weight effortlesslyThe secrets to adapting the hypnotic gastric band method to yourselfHow to get all the benefits of Appetite control, weight manage and control sugar cravingsThe five golden rules to build a healthy relationship with foodHow to change bad eating habits through hypnosisHow to transform your mindsets mindsetHow to overcoming emotional barriersHypnosis trainingDaily weight loss motivation and meditation… & Lot More!Do not give up on living better and healthier!The Gastric band hypnosis extreme weight loss is just one click away from your hands!Order Your Copy Now and Start Your Journey to a Healthier and Rewarding Life!