Get Lighter Everyday Cookbook : Yummy Slow Cooker Recipes for Weight Loss (Paperback)

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Slimming down to your ideal body weight does not mean you should deprive yourself of delectable dishes. This little cookbook of slow cooker recipes will show you that it is possible to brighten up your daily meals to a lighter you.Fall in love with your nifty slow cooker in a new light way as you discover 50 amazingly healthy, delicious and no fuss meals that can be done with minimal preparation and almost zero supervision.From low calorie soups and meat dishes to pasta and tacos, to dips and desserts, the ingredients for the awesome recipes have your weight loss needs in mind filled with fiber and protein. And with your slow cooker, you would instantly get rid of unnecessarily adding extra fats to your food.Keep inspired and successfully reach your weight loss goals healthy and yummy with this little cookbook.