Gillette Labs Men’s Razor with Exoliating Bar Kit 1 Kit

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Gillette Labs With Exfoliating Bar. A Shave As Quick & Easy As Washing Your Face. Includes:. 1 Razor. 1 Razor Stand. 3 Cartridges. 1 Travel Case. . Quick & Easy. With exfoliating bar for a shave as quick and easy as washing your face. Exfoliating Bar. Helps remove dirt and debris before the blades. 5 Blades. Gillette’s best blades are designed for incredible comfort and closeness. Travel Case. For convenient storage and protection on the go. Gillette Labs men’s razor: for a shave as quick and easy as washing your face With exfoliating bar: built-in exfoliating bar removes dirt and debris before the blades pass Incredible comfort and closeness: this razor for men features Gillette’s best razor blades* Adaptive design: 2D FlexDisc contours to your face to ensure comfort and contact with every stroke Long-lasting durability: the razor handle and exfoliating bar last for up to 5 years. *First 4 blades

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