Global Healthcare The Real Coral Calcium Plus 90 Capsules

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Global Healthcare The Real Coral Calcium Plus contains coral calcium of the highest grade from Okinawa, Japan…with added vitamins and micronutrients. One benefit of calcium is that it promotes healing — if you’re deficient in calcium, a wound will take a lot longer to heal than it would if you had enough calcium in your body. Another potential benefit of calcium that has been recently uncovered (and still needs more research) is that it can help relieve PMS symptoms. Calcium may be an effective alternative to antidepressants for women (without the side effects. Keeping your body working properly, helping prevent certain diseases, and speeding the healing and digestive processes — calcium is vitally important to many parts of your health. The Benefits of Coral Calcium:. Strong bones Strong teeth Healthy hair Healthy nails Helps prevent osteoporosis Keeps your muscles, nerves, and blood working properly Promotes healing May help with weight loss May relieve PMS symptoms without the side effects of antidepressants Helps prevent the 200 other diseases linked to calcium deficiencies. In other words, the main benefit of coral calcium is that it can help you prevent disease and stay healthy.

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