GNC Total Lean Lean Shake 25 – Banana Cream – 4 Bottles

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gnc Total Lean Lean Shake 25: Provides Protein And Important Vitamins And Minerals Encourage Weight Loss Efforts With The Gnc Total Lean Lean Shake 25. This Meal Replacement Drink Comes In Several Delicious Flavors, Including Banana Cream And Swiss Chocolate. With Just 2G Sugar Per Serving, This Low-Carb Drink Has Been Clinically Proven To Improve Weight Loss And Bmi . This Ready-To-Drink Shake Only Contains 170 Calories Per Serving And Is A Convenient Way To Fulfill Your Nutritional Needs With Ingredients Like Vitamin C, Niacin And Magnesium. With 25G Protein, This Shake Might Induce Satiety. The Drink Also Contains Lactase, A Natural Enzyme That Aids The Healthy Digestion Of The Shake Contains, Making It Suitable For Those On A Lactose-Free Diet . Contains 4-14 Fl Oz Bottles Serves As A Meal Replacement Drink Or Convenient Snack Comes In A Variety Of Delicious Flavors Supports Weight Loss And Satiety Contains Many Vitamins And Minerals a Randomized Clinical Study Consisting Of 109 Healthy Participants Compared The Use Of Lean Shake 25 Ready-To-Drink In Conjunction With A Meal And Exercise Plan (Total Daily Caloric Intake Of 1500 Calories) To A 1500 Calorie Diet & Exercise Plan Alone. This Study Resulted In Nearly Twice As Much Total Weight Loss (-7.6 Vs. -3.9 Pounds), Along With Improvements In Body Mass Index (Bmi) Among The Lean Shake 25 Rtd Users At The End Of 12 Weeks. Meal & Exercise Plan Available At Www. totallean. com . Contains A Trivial Amount Of Lactose. Suitable For Individuals Following A Lactose-Free Diet. Contains Lactase, A Natural Enzyme That Breaks Down Lactose So You Can Digest Dairy Without Discomfort. | GNC Total Lean Lean Shake 25 – Banana Cream – 4 Bottles

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