Great Lakes Gelatin Co Collagen Hydrolysate Protein Unflavored 16 oz

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Grass-Fed & Pasture-Raised. Collagen Joint Care. Health Benefits:. Supports Joint Health. Improved Digestive Health. Post-Workout Recovery. Beauty Benefits:. Healthier, Hydrated Skin. Fuller Hair & Stronger Nails. More Restful Sleep. Gluten Free Non-GMO Paleo Keto. No Additives or Preservatives. Kosher. Collagen Hydrolysate:. Collagen Hydrolysate proteins are the same found naturally in bones, skin and cartilage. Containing over 90% protein and a distinctive amino acid group make it rapidly absorbed and easily assimilated by the body. Collagen contains glycine, lysine and proline, which can be used by the body to build connective tissue structures. Why Choose Great Lakes Gelatin Company’s Collagen? Our collagen, made of One simple ingredient is a pure protein dietary supplement with a unique combination of beneficial amino acids. Great for anyone looking to improve their overall well-being. Some of these amino acids, missing from many of today’s diets, are concentrated at levels that can promote healing in bones, joints and the digestive system. Collagen protein is nearly tasteless, colorless and odorless, and it is easily digested. It will not congeal in cold liquids making it a perfect addition to cold or hot beverages, smoothies or recipes. Just mix in and enjoy!

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