Green Foods Matcha Green Tea Energy Blend 5.5 oz

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Ceremonial Grade Match Green Tea Energy Blend. Alkalize Detoxify Energize Rejuvenate. Easily Dissolves in Hot or Cold Water. Farm-Direct, Whole-Leaf & Shade Grown. USDA Organic Non GMO Gluten Free Vegan Soy Free. Green Foods soluble blend of premium Japanese Matcha combined with nutritious brown rice solids provides sustained energy without the negative effects of conventional energy drinks. Benefits of Match. EGCG + natural caffeine stimulate the metabolism & boost athletic performance. Antioxidant help defend against aging, inflammation & free radical damage. Chlorophyll gently detoxifies the body of toxins & balances alkalinity. L-Theanine helps to improve cognition & mood while reducing physical & mental stress. Brown rice solids provide sustained energy & promote healthy glucose & cholesterol levels. Our matcha is grown in Japan

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