Green Tea Triple Fat Burner

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3 Powerful Concentrated Tea Extracts White Tea, Black Tea, & Green Tea Liquid Soft-Gel Green Tea Triple Fat Burner Delivers A Synergistic Combination Of Fat Burning Ingredients That When Used With A Healthy Reduced Calorie Diet And Exercise Plan Can Help: Increase Your Fat Burning Ability Provide Energy Support Supply Antioxidant Protection This Combination Of Green, White And Black Tea Delivers Key Nutritional Compounds (Polyphenols, Catechins, Flavonoids) That Support Your Weight Loss Efforts. The Combined Egcg Content Of Each Tea Along With The Caffeine Is Scientifically Researched To Promote Fat Oxidation (Fat Burning). Each Of The Teas Is Processed Differently Resulting In A Variety Of Phyto-Nutrients. The Egcg Levels In Each Of The Three Tea Extracts Are Standardized At 50% To Ensure That Effective Fat Burning Power Is Achieved. Green Tea Triple Fat Burner Assists Your Weight Loss Efforts With: Fat Burning: 300 Mg Egcg Per Serving Energy Support: B-Vitamins Antioxidant Protection: Vitamins C And E Fast-Acting Liquid Soft-Gels Provide An Optimum Delivery System For This Powerful Formula. Liquid Soft-Gel Release Nutrients Fast For Optimum Results.

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