Greens Plus Meal Replacement PlusShake Raw Chocolate 1.5 lbs

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27 G Protein. + Nutrient Replenishment. + Peak Performance. + Lean Muscle Mass. + Recovery. Whole Food Blend. Whey Protein Green Superfoods Multivitamins. Gluten Free Soy Free GMO Free Grass Fed Whey Protein. No other protein delivers the nutrition of a +PlusShake. +PlusShake is an advanced whey protein powder from grass-fed cows designed to provide 27g of biologically-complete protein and a complex of 100% whole food vitamins and minerals for:. Optimum energy + Superior well-being + Peak performance. For Maximum Benefit Try Consuming +PlusShake:. As a Meal Replacement. Drink +PlusShake instead of breakfast or lunch for a healthy, balanced meal replacement. +PlusShake will satisfy you with essential nutrients, help to reduce tour daily calories and provide a delicious way to manage your weight. As a High Protein Snack. Drink +PlusShake between meals to naturally increase energy, calorie count and protein consumption. Drink 20 minutes before bedtime to prevent muscle breakdown and preserve lean body mass while you sleep. After Exercise. Drink 20 minutes after exercise to help build lean muscle and enhance your body’s recovery from stress. +PlusShake provides the nutrients required to achieve your health and fitness goals. Nutrition. Greens+ Advanced Multi raw provides an essential complex of 100% whole food vitamins & minerals. Strength. 27 g of grass-fed whey protein helps build lean muscle mass & enhance recovery. Energy. Ribose, colostrum & glutamine provide optimum energy, superior well-being & peak performance. Results. +PlusShake helps you achieve your health and fitness goals so you can live a life fully charged+

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