Herbs Etc. Mouth Tonic 1 fl oz

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Promotes Healthy Gums and Oral Health. Stimulates Circulation in and Regeneration of Mouth Linings. Supports Healthy Tissues with Denture, Splints, Braces or Bridge use. Use with Water Pick to maintain Periodontal Health. Highly Concentrated. Organic Gluten Free. The mouth is naturally teeming with bacteria. The mucous lining inside the mouth is the first line of defense. It protects deeper tissues against the effects ofhot liquids or food abrasions and replaces damaged cells with healthy ones. Mouth Tonic supports the production of healthy oral tissues and promotes the regeneration of mucous linings. First response to for mouth and gum challenges. Rejuvenates and firms gingival and periodontal tissue. Ideal for abrasions caused by denture, splint, brace or bridge use.

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