Hydroxycut Hardcore Super Elite

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Muscletech Hydroxycut Hardcore Super Elite: Ultimate Thermogenic Extreme Energy & Focus^ Hydroxycut Hardcore Super Elite Is Our Most Powerful Thermogenic, Energy And Focus Experience With Unrivaled Intensity. Tackle Your Jam-Packed Days With A Scientifically Researched Dose Of Caffeine Anhydrous That Boosts Energy, Thermogenesis And Mental Focus. Combined With Other Potent Ingredients, The Formula Also Delivers A One-Of-A-Kind Sensory Experience. 200 Mg C- Canephora Robusta, 100 Mg Zynamite, 200 Mg Ala & 20 Mg Grains Of Paradise Per Serving Ultimate Thermogenic Extreme Energy & Focus^ ¹in One Study Researchers Monitored Subjects Who Took C. Canephora Robusta – The Key Weight Loss Ingredient In Hydroxycut Hardcore Super Elite – For 60 Days. On Average, They Lost 10.95 Lbs., While The Placebo Group Lost An Average Of 5.4 Lbs. Bth Groups Followed A Low-Calorie Diet. In A Seperate 8-Week Study Researchers Monitored Two Groups Following A Calorie-Reduced Diet And Performing Moderate Exercise. Subjects Using C. Canephora Robusta Lost An Average Of 3.7 Lbs. While Those Using A Placebo Lost An Average Of 1.25 Lbs.

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