Hydroxycut Sx-7 Thermo Neuro Revolution

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Dual-Capsule, Pill Within A Pill Technology Introducing The World’s Most Advanced Capsule Technology. New, Advanced Dual-Capsule Technology Technology Meets Efficacy Without Compromise Advanced Dual-Capsule Technology This Breakthrough, Patented Process Physically Isolates Distinct Active Ingredients Into Two Separate Capsules. The Inner Pill Powder Harnesses A High-Quality Combination Of Thermogenic And Neurosensory Ingredients. That Pill Is Suspended In A Bioavailable Liquid Matric Featuring Alphasize Alpha-Gpc. Fast-Release Liquid Pill Featuring Choline, A Nutrient That Is A Precursor Required To Produce The Neurotransmitter Acetylcholine. Thermo Weight Loss Pill 1 Subjects Taking C. Canephora Robusta Lost An Average Of 10.95 Lbs. (Vs. 5.40 Lbs. For Placebo) In 60 Days With A Low-Calorie Diet, And 3.7 Lbs. (Vs. 1.25 Lbs. For Placebo) In 8 Weeks With A Calorie-Reduced Diet And Moderate Exercise.^ 2 Features A Research Inspired Dose Of Caffeine For Enhanced Focus, Thermogenesis And Energy. Advanced Dual-Capsule Technology Breakthrough, Dual-Capsule Technology Combines And Delivers Ingredients In Their Inherent Active States In One High-Potency Dose For Advanced Weight Loss And Ultimate Neurosensory!^

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