Hypnotic Gastric Band : Discover weight loss with hypnosis through a stop to addiction to food and healthy eating. Increase your self-esteem and motivation every day. (Paperback)

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You Are About To Discover Exactly How You Can Lose Weight And Keep It Off, Without Spending Hours At The Gym, Counting Calories And Carbs Like A Lunatic Or Even Starving Yourself!If a part of you has always felt that your weight problems require more than dieting and working out to deal with, keep reading…Have you struggled with weight loss for far too long and have tried everything you can think of, including working out, dieting, fasting, and taking all manner of concoctions, but nothing seems to work for more than a few days, weeks or months?If so, then you’ve come to the right place.You see, it is possible to leverage the power of hypnosis to develop a completely new relationship with food, stop overeating, manage your cravings, start eating healthy, and much more, without being coerced into anything or feeling like you are missing out.So even if portion control does not feel like part of your DNA and the cravings seem to drive you nuts, you can turn things around and take back control!A study by students from Hull University, UK found that virtual gastric band hypnosis has 95% success rate in helping patients to lose weight and keep it off.Another long-term study done by Monash University showed that gastric band hypnosis could greatly help diabetics who are moderately overweight, enhance the chances of remission for diabetics, and much more.This is to show that gastric band hypnosis could be the one approach you need to turn things around as far as your weight is concerned by helping you develop a new relationship with food, break food addictions, stop overeating, manage your food portions, and much more!Probably, you must be wondering…How is it possible to be hypnotized into losing weight?Isn’t hypnosis just a fictional thing from the movies?How exactly do I get started with the hypnotic gastric band?If you have these and other related questions, then this book is for you as it covers the ins and outs of losing weight with the hypnotic gastric band and breaking bad eating habits.More precisely, you will learn: How hypnosis works for weight lossThe line between hypnosis and hypnotherapyHow to get started with hypnosis sessions for weight lossHow your thoughts influence your weight indirectlyHow to use hypnosis to control your appetiteHow to get started with hypnotherapy using gastric band hypnosisThe most effective way to incorporate daily affirmations to enhance weight lossBrilliant hacks to enhance your success with hypnosis for weight lossAnd much more…Just take a moment and imagine a life where you don’t eat until you are stuffed, yet you don’t feel hungry because your brain believes your stomach is of a smaller size.How would you feel knowing cravings have no power over you and that you can eat healthy foods for the rest of your life without feeling as if you are missing any of the unhealthy foods…If your image is compelling enough…Scroll up and click Buy Now With 1-Click or Buy Now to get started!