Hypnotic Gastric Band: Extreme Weight Loss Hypnosis to Slim Down Naturally, Stop Sugar Cravings and Stop Emotional Eating. Increase Motivation with Subliminal-Hypnosis and Hypnotic Gastric Band. Heal

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55% OFF for Bookstores! Now at $ 33,95 instead of $ 44,95!Do you want to change your eating habits, reduce stress, and control the way you think about food? Are you ready to transform your weight-loss journey into a success?Your Customers Will Never Stop to use this Awesome book!We are all interested in weight loss because we all want to be proud of our bodies. At the same time, we want to be happy, lose fat quickly, be positive, and healthy. Well, diet plays an important role in achieving this goal, but you have to know that your mind can help you, too. You need to change your mindset and transform the motivation behind your habits that create your weight gain.This book will help you lose weight, and, at the same time, it will teach you the hypnosis and meditation techniques to reach your goals rapidly and be satisfied, not only with your body but with your whole life! We will cover essential topics such as: – How the mind works- What hypnosis is- How to use hypnosis to transform and reprogram your mind- What self-hypnosis is- Hypnosis and weight loss- Is hypnosis effective for weight loss- How hypnosis can help you lose weight- Meditation and mindfulness- Different forms of mindfulness- How to eat with the help of meditation- Popular meditation techniques- How to practice mindfulness meditationThis guide aims to educate you about the variables that can make you gain weight and how little changes in daily habits, in addition to meditation, can help you shed those extra pounds.Are you ready for your weight-loss success journey? Buy it NOW and let your customers begin a journey to a leaner, thinner, and happier version of themselves!