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Premium Whey Protein Isolate/hydrolysate Performance Muscle Recovery 20G Protein 5.5G Glutamine 5G Instantized Bcaas 100 Calories Performance Siren Labs’ Isolate Protein Is A Precise Ratio And Superior Blend Of Instantized Whey Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Hydrolysate, L-Glutamine And Instantized Bcaas, Resulting In A Premium Source Of Protein For Maximum Performance. Pure Protein Guarantee: Siren Labs’ Isolate Protein Is Formulated With Only Pure Sources Of Protein And No Amino Spiking. Bioavailability: The Protein Sources Found In This Product Rank Among The Highest On The Biological Value Scale. Muscle Amino Acids Are The Fundamental Building Blocks Of Muscular Development. Although Your Body Needs Fat And Carbohydrates To Function, You Simply Cannot Build Muscle Without Protein. Intense Physical Activity Causes Micro Tears Within The Muscle And Depletes Internal Protein Stores. Supplementation Helps To Replenish These Stores Allowing For Muscle Repair And Growth. Recovery Siren Labs’ Isolate Protein Is Enhanced With Added Glutamine And Added Instantized Bcaas, Offering You A Delicious Tasting Protein To Support Muscle Repair And Faster Recovery.

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