It’s Skinny Konjac Fettucine Pasta Shape 9.52 oz

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9 Calories per 100 grams. Made with Konjac An All-Natural Plant that Contains Fiber. Free from GMOs Allergens and Additives. A smart complement to meals or alternative in family favorite recipes, these pasta and rice alternatives are a versatile, convenient choice as they are precooked and ready to heat in the microwave for 2 minutes on high. Skinny Pasta products are made from our proprietary formula and are anodor free Konjac product. Promotes healthy weight loss– Konjac-based pasta, Skinny Pasta promotes healthy weight loss with a delicious food staple that’s only 9 calories per serving. Available in a traditional noodle shape, couscous, spaghetti, lasagna, fettuccini, and rice, each is completely free of sugar, gluten, starch, wheat, lactose, soy, salt, cholesterol, fat, and preservatives. Konjac-based pasta — Skinny Pasta is made with a unique ingredient known as the Konjac plant, a native to Southeast Asia, and contains Glucomannan, a healthy and all-natural, water-soluble fiber that aids in digestion and weight loss. Great tasting pasta alternative– When combined with one to two glasses of water, Skinny Pasta allows you to enjoy a great tasting pasta, while eliminating your appetite. The Konjac fibers found in each Skinny Pasta dish has the superb ability to absorb liquids. Once these fibers come into contact with water upon digestion, this helps to fill the stomach, creating a sense of satisfaction and aiding in weight loss. Completely odor-free– Though other Konjac noodles are known to have a poignant smell as a result of the methods used to preserve them, Skinny Pasta does not, and each mimics the taste and texture of its traditional counterpart. Perfect for special diets– Skinny Pasta is a safe and healthy option for vegetarians, vegans.

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