Juicing for Healthiness: Juice Recipes for Weight Loss (Large Print Edition): Healthy Juice Recipes to Lose Weight, Detoxify, and Stay Healthy (Paperback)

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Transform Your Body into a Fat-Burning Machine with Lots of Mouthwatering Juice RecipesDo you want juice recipes that will help you lose those extra pounds of body and belly fat?Are you on the lookout for effective juice recipes that will help cleanse your system, detoxify your liver, improve metabolism, and leave you refreshed and energized?This book is filled with useful juicing information to help you lose overall body weight and belly fat, eradicate free radicals from your body, sharpen your cognitive skills, and bring a shiny glow back to your skin.The recipes consist of the most nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables, while the tastes are mouthwatering and memorable – a testament to the fact that weight loss can be fun as well.In Juice Recipes for Weight Loss you’ll find: An Introduction to Juicing; find out the basics about juicing, the best vegetables to juice, their health benefits, and the unique way they fuse to produce that goodness in your juicer or blender. Best vegetable juice recipes for weight loss; best fruit juice recipes for weight loss; detox juice recipes, and best juice recipes for improving liver function – all quick and easy to prepare. Frequent Juicing Mistakes to Take Note of; the book also highlights the major mistakes we often make when we juice fruits and vegetables, and how best we can navigate them. …and much more! Get Juice Recipes for Weight Loss and unleash the full potentials and the unique slimming abilities of fresh fruits and vegetable juices.Don’t take another poorly-made glass of juice without reading this book. Get and apply information that TRULY works. Scroll up and click Buy Now With 1-Click or Buy Now to get started!